Paint Zoom Problems

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Once you try the Paint Zoom power sprayer, you’ll never want to pick up a brush or roller again! However, from time to time, users have reported a few Paint Zoom problems that may occur.

While the Paint Zoom is a very high-quality product, everything needs a little troubleshooting from time to time. Here are some manufacturer-recommended solutions should Paint Zoom problems arise.

If your Paint Zoom problems are related to little or no material flowing out, check to see if the nozzle or suction tube is clogged. Also check to see that your material volume setting is not turned too far to the right. Is it possible your paint is inconsistent or too thick? Cleaning usually resolves this Paint Zoom system malfunction.

If your Paint Zoom problems involve leaking, then you may have a nozzle that is loose, worn, dirty, or not sealed properly. Try tightening the nozzle, replacing the nozzle or seal, and cleaning to resolve the trouble.

If you encounter Paint Zoom problems involving how the paint sprays out, there could be a number of issues. Sometimes the atomization is coarse when the material volume is too large or the nozzle becomes clogged. You can adjust or tighten the container to fix this.

If the spray pattern runs or sags, you’re probably too close to the surface or staying in one place too long. If you’re getting a lot of overspray, you’re probably too far from the surface or moving the Paint Zoom spray gun too fast. Every once in a while, the Paint Zoom jet stream will pulsate to signal you’re either running out of material or that the material is too thick.

Don’t panic if you run into any of these Paint Zoom problems. You are fully covered and guaranteed for one full year after purchasing your Paint Zoom Deluxe or Paint Zoom Platinum. The warranty does not cover any accidental damage or problems associated with misuse, but if you need to talk to someone about your product expectations, you can reach Paint Zoom at P.O. Box 9159 / Van Nuys, CA 91409-8291, 1-800-793-2303 or

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