Paint Zoom Review

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Hi, Sam here. I’m a lover of historic architecture and busy single mother who never thought about painting a home herself, let alone writing a Paint Zoom review. But here we are.

When I first bought this relic from 1900, I was absolutely enamored with everything about it. Until I realized what an enormous task painting would be. Not only would it be nearly impossible to hit all these little nooks and crannies with a roller or a brush, but it would undoubtedly be messy too. Sure, I could hire contractors, but who can afford the $7,000 price tag?

A friend of mine living in London told me about the Paint Zoom UK consumers are buying in droves. He said he had seen the Paint Zoom commercial on TV and he was hooked.

Instead of using trays, brushes and rollers, you simply paint using a Paint Zoom sprayer, which mists out a perfect, even coat of paint. He said he bought it to stain his fence and a new glider he purchased for his backyard. I was skeptical at first, wondering “Does Paint Zoom really work?”

I imagined it wouldn’t cover everything or that I’d still have to go over with a roller. Yet, my friend was so adamant about it that I decided to give the Paint Zoom system a try. If I can’t figure out how this Paint Zoom power sprayer works, you’re flying to the US to help me!, I joked.

Over at I found the website to be pretty straightforward. I liked that I could access the Paint Zoom instructions manual and watch a Paint Zoom video tutorial right there. I felt more comfortable about buying the Paint Zoom spray gun after checking out these features and reading about the Paint Zoom results in other reviews.

The Paint Zoom price of $99 was way cheaper than hiring a contractor and besides, I had 30 days to try the Paint Zoom Deluxe and still get my money back under their guarantee.

Amazingly, the Paint Zoom worked exactly as advertised! The product came with a 650 watt motor, motor base, paint container, viscosity cup, hose, three-way attachment and spray gun.

I liked that I could just strap the Paint Zoom right to me and walk around the room, pulling the trigger to release a steady coat of paint. As a bonus mine came with two drop cloths and borders tape. That helped so I could get started on my project quickly.

After my first hour of painting, I stepped back to look at my handiwork. I couldn’t believe it: usually I’d have all sorts of drips and uneven brush streaks to contend with by now, but the Paint Zoom spray gun gave me an honest-to-God even coat like professional grade painters.

I feel this is just one of many advantages to the Paint Zoom electric spray gun. If I wanted to pause my painting for a moment, I didn’t have to worry about the paint drying up in a tray or anything. I didn’t waste any paint by having it dry, needing to double coat or going over what I’d already done. I didn’t have to worry about accidentally getting paint all over myself. I could reach all the intricate grooves in the design work, as well as textured ceilings and corners, with no problem whatsoever. I found the Paint Zoom use to be easy – and even a bit fun!

Whether you’ve seen the Paint Zoom infomercial or read the Paint Zoom reviews, don’t hesitate to try this top-notch product. They love Paint Zoom in Iran, Lebanon, the Philippines, Ireland, Australia and the UK – and now Americans are beginning to catch on that there is an easier, more efficient way to paint.

I wanted to write this Paint Zoom Sprayer review to help you, like my friend from the UK helped me. I’m pleased to announce I finished painting my old Victorian home, thanks to my Paint Zoom power sprayer and I couldn’t be happier. Now when I show people around, I can proudly mention how I did all the work myself. With the help of my trusty Paint Zoom Deluxe.

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Paint Zoom Complaints

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Before you buy the Paint Zoom As Seen On TV, you’re probably wondering if there have been any complaints about the product from dissatisfied customers. The truth is, there aren’t any specific Paint Zoom complaints at all! However, some people have never used a power paint sprayer before and therefor don’t know what they need to do to get the best results.

It has been my experience that the Paint Zoom power sprayer is an amazing solution to all your home painting needs. Forget uneven coats, drips, wasted product, hard-to-reach spots and covering yourself in paint. Your Paint Zoom system quickly and easily covers walls, doors, trims, ceilings, gliders, decks, fences and furniture. It works equally well with both paints and stains to tackle any job.

Potential Paint Zoom complaints may include overspray, when the paint gets on things it’s not supposed to. I had overspray the first time using a power paint sprayer too. It is just a matter of getting use to a new tool and covering the areas and items you don’t want painted.

As with any paint sprayer when you’re working outside, you need to be especially mindful of which way the wind is blowing. Indoors, it’s much easier to prepare. In addition to laying down a drop cloth and strips of painter’s tape, make sure any furniture is also covered or removed from the room. It’s really not a very big deal at all, but it’s possible people may come across this problem from time to time.

Another one of the possible paint sprayer or Paint Zoom complaints involves clogging and suction problems. If the user does not maintain their spray equipment, it can become clogged with debris and paint, thus blocking the suction or spray action. Fortunately with the Paint Zoom maintaining the sprayer is very easy. Simply follow the steps in the user manual or on the video on the DVD.

There is really no excuse for these Paint Zoom complaints because it’s super easy to clean. You simply take it outside, turn the motor base off, trigger the spray gun so the excess material goes back into the paint container and pour a small amount of warm, soapy water into the cup to spray through the nozzle for 20 seconds.

You can also use a cleaning brush to get paint out of the container, suction tube, spray pattern dial and nozzle if need be, but usually it just all flushes right out with warm water and soap.

With a bit of practice you won’t be complaining but you’ll be singing praises about your new Paint Zoom sprayer.

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Paint Zoom Problems

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Once you try the Paint Zoom power sprayer, you’ll never want to pick up a brush or roller again! However, from time to time, users have reported a few Paint Zoom problems that may occur.

While the Paint Zoom is a very high-quality product, everything needs a little troubleshooting from time to time. Here are some manufacturer-recommended solutions should Paint Zoom problems arise.

If your Paint Zoom problems are related to little or no material flowing out, check to see if the nozzle or suction tube is clogged. Also check to see that your material volume setting is not turned too far to the right. Is it possible your paint is inconsistent or too thick? Cleaning usually resolves this Paint Zoom system malfunction.

If your Paint Zoom problems involve leaking, then you may have a nozzle that is loose, worn, dirty, or not sealed properly. Try tightening the nozzle, replacing the nozzle or seal, and cleaning to resolve the trouble.

If you encounter Paint Zoom problems involving how the paint sprays out, there could be a number of issues. Sometimes the atomization is coarse when the material volume is too large or the nozzle becomes clogged. You can adjust or tighten the container to fix this.

If the spray pattern runs or sags, you’re probably too close to the surface or staying in one place too long. If you’re getting a lot of overspray, you’re probably too far from the surface or moving the Paint Zoom spray gun too fast. Every once in a while, the Paint Zoom jet stream will pulsate to signal you’re either running out of material or that the material is too thick.

Don’t panic if you run into any of these Paint Zoom problems. You are fully covered and guaranteed for one full year after purchasing your Paint Zoom Deluxe or Paint Zoom Platinum. The warranty does not cover any accidental damage or problems associated with misuse, but if you need to talk to someone about your product expectations, you can reach Paint Zoom at P.O. Box 9159 / Van Nuys, CA 91409-8291, 1-800-793-2303 or

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Paint Zoom Sprayer

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Pull the trigger and paint your heart’s desire using the Paint Zoom sprayer. It’s just that easy! Don’t worry if you’re a lousy painter prone to drips, streaks, missed spots or covering yourself with paint from head to toe. The Paint Zoom system was created just for you! In this mini-review, you’ll learn about many of the benefits of the Paint Zoom spray gun…

1.      Paint Zoom use makes covering complex surfaces a breeze. Brick, stucco, paneling, molding, concrete, wood, corners, shutters or ceilings? No problem!

2.      The Paint Zoom system uses 50 percent less paint, thanks to no dripping, no drying, no clumping and no absorption into rolling pads or brushes!

3.      You’ll love how the Paint Zoom electric spray gun uses an industrial-strength 650-watt motor to deliver an even coat at the pull of the trigger.

4.      Consider the Paint Zoom Sprayer your one stop shop for your painting needs. When you order online, you receive two large drop cloths, as well as painters’ tape to use on trims and borders (a $25 value) for free.

5.      The Paint Zoom Sprayer is easy to clean. Simply put warm soapy water or mineral water inside the chamber and spray out any debris in minutes.

6.      Don’t worry about hurting your shoulders or your arms, trying to reach up high and hit down low. Your lightweight Paint Zoom spray gun will easily reach the entire surface area with no trouble at all. It’s even easy to use Paint Zoom on a ladder.

7.       If you need to take a break, you can leave your Paint Zoom Sprayer sitting idly for hours or even overnight. Since all the paint is held inside the chamber, rather than sitting out in the air, you won’t lose any product.

8.      Paint Zoom works great for kids’ rooms when they want stencils painted on. There is no need to buy separate spray paint cans to get the job done.

9.      You have a 30-day money-back guarantee and full 1-year warranty on your Paint Zoom power sprayer.

10. Lastly, the Paint Zoom is very affordable. For just $99 – the professional contractor rate – you too can begin painting like a seasoned veteran.

Are you convinced? Don’t hesitate. Order your Paint Zoom sprayer today and start having fun painting!

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Where To Buy Paint Zoom

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DIY’rs everywhere are wondering where to buy the Paint Zoom. You’ve seen the Paint Zoom video. You’ve seen the Paint Zoom commercial. You’ve read the Paint Zoom customer reviews. You’ve heard about the Paint Zoom results. You’ve learned about the Paint Zoom tricks and how to use Paint Zoom. Now you want one! But where do you get it?

People all around the world love how the Paint Zoom works. Consumers can buy a Paint Zoom in Lebanon or a Paint Zoom in Iran. They can purchase the Paint Zoom UK, Paint Zoom Philippines, Paint Zoom Australia or Paint Zoom Ireland versions. If you were to look up the Paint Zoom on YouTube, you’d find many different versions of the commercial in many different languages.

As you may have noticed, you won’t find the Paint Zoom spray gun in retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or Wal-Mart. Some people in the Philippines claim to have seen Paint Zoom Home Shopping Network offers where they live. In the UK, you can find a Paint Zoom Amazon listing, but they’re currently unavailable. From time to time, a used Paint Zoom eBay listing will pop up but bidding is such a hassle. Truly, the best and most reliable way to get the Paint Zoom Electric Spray Gun is to simply visit the official Paint Zoom website.

Some online bargain hunters are always looking for rock bottom prices, but you won’t find any Paint Zoom discounts since the price is already as low as can be. In fact, you’re receiving your Paint Zoom Deluxe or Paint Zoom Premium sprayer at wholesale contractor pricing! Also, since the Paint Zoom system is not sold in stores and copious money is not spent on merchandising, the savings is then passed onto you, the consumer.

You don’t need to waste your time looking for  Paint Zoom discount vouchers. You will always find the Paint Zoom for sale on the official website, along with special limited-time-only Paint Zoom discounts. For instance, as of March 2011, they’re advertising two free drop cloths, painter’s tape and a “we’ll pay the last payment” offer.

If you want to know where to buy Paint Zoom, the answer is crystal clear:

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Paint Zoom Infomercial

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I think I have seen the Paint Zoom infomercial in three or four languages now. It is popular everywhere. I know you can buy the Pain Zoom in Germany, UK, US, Philippines, Iran, Lebanon, Australia and Ireland.

I think the Paint Zoom is so popular because it really works. It seems everyone loves it. I know when I first looked into buying a Paint Zoom sprayer I wasn’t sure if it worked or if it was a scam. But with so many positive reviews, ratings, results and comments I decided to give it a try. I figured with the money back guarantee if it didn’t work I could always return it.

After seeing the Paint Zoom infomercial on TV in english I wondered where I could buy the Paint Zoom paint sprayer. I looked in all my usual places like Walmart, HSN, Target, etc but none of them carried it. I found out that the best deal and only place to buy the Paint Zoom is online. So I went to the official Paint Zoom website and bought mine. So far I love it.

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